How Much are Court Reporter Fees?


Court reporting daily rate for regular English hearings can range from an average of $400 per hearing and $50 per hour for conference calls. Although, it must be noted that Court reporting fees for an all day deposition for a freelancer can reach a summit of $1000. All page rates for transcripts are set out by the Administrative U.S courts. The first copy of transcripts in a delivery time of 2 to 4 days can cost an average of $7 per page and a rough draft requested by a judge can cost up to $5. It must be noted that prices vary significantly depending on delivery type and format of transcripts requested.

Court Reporting Fees

The most common delivery types are ordinary 30 day delivery, 14 day, expedited 7 day, daily i.e. next day delivery and hourly delivery which is done within 2 hours of the actual hearing. Available formats are PDF, text or ASCI, paper or hard copy, condensed with index and unlock PDF on CM/ECT/PACER. These are the maximum original transcript rates as set by the Judicial US conference:

  • Ordinary transcript is $3.65
  • 14 day transcript is $4.25
  • Expedited 7 day transcript is $4.85
  • Daily next day transcript is $6.05
  • Hourly transcript is $7.25
  • Real-time transcript produced by a real-time reporter is $3.05 per page for one feed

Common issues to consider in revising charges are:

  • Do you need to videotape the deposition?
  • Are title and index pages included in the page count?
  • Are administrative charges included?
  • Is a key word index needed?
  • Do you need date and time stamp on video?
  • What is normal delivery time for the transcript?
  • Can the reporter provide real time stream at the deposition. What is the extra cost for that?

What Court Reporters Do?

Court reporter is most quit, simple and ignore-able person in courtroom. You will find a court reporter sitting at the corner of a courtroom that would type everything on a particular device like evidence, statements which people are given in court room. Attorneys action like proves which they are mentioning to judge and like all verbal voicing which raising in a courtroom.

He/She would be well trained to type fast even fast more than you speak. This job is really tough because accuracy is really matter in this job.

Qualities of Court Reporters

He/She would be well listeners and they should know different pronouns and languages because you can not miss any word or evidence in courtroom without recording it on your device.

Court Reporting Jobs

You can easily find court reporting jobs only at major job search sites. To get hired you must have related academic qualification and training experience which is minimum of 2 years.

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